Your room has been designed to assure you a very good comfort.

All rooms have twin beds. A clever system allows to put them side to side easily or to separate them according to your desire.

Some rooms have a third bed which is superimposed on the head of the twin beds, occupying no surface ground. This bed is only for older than 6 years old children (and under the responsibility of adults).

Each room has:

* its own bathroom includes a shower, a sink and a toilet

* a TV

* a safe

* a phone (the phone line is opening on request). Your callers can reach you without going through the standard, thanks to the direct number on the handset.

We can't accept more than 2 or 3 occupants depending on the room (because of insurance, fire safety, hygiene reasons...).

In case you don't respect this point, we would be forced to cancel purely and simply the reservation.